Covid-19 Anti Spread Indications

Covid-19 Anti Spread Indications

Palestra Ricciardi has put in place all the necessary measures for a safe workout such as intensifying the cleaning and carrying out daily sanitization, the air exchange is ensured by the presence of more of 30 windows overlooking our internal garden, you will find disinfectant gel available in the halls, we have spaced and repositioned the gym equipment, trained the staff on the emergency and equipping them with safety devices.

Now we also need your cooperation:

– Wear the mask at the entrance and exit and in the movements inside the gym (from equipment to equipment and in the changing rooms) maintaining an interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter. During training you can take it off, increasing the distance to at least 2 meters.

– Admission is subject to the body temperature measurement by our staff and will be inhibited if it is 37.5 °C or higher.

– At the entrance and exit, disinfect your hands using the sanitizing gel. Wash your hands often and try don’t touch your face during training.

– To access the equipment area and classes rooms, you have to change your shoes with a pair of clean sneakers, dedicated only to training in the gym.

– Bring a clean towel to use for sweat and to placed on the equipments (if you don’t have one, you can buy it at the front desk).

– For classes and exercises on the ground we suggest you to have your own mat that can be brought from home (if you don’t have one, you can buy it at the front desk).

– Sanitize your training station and the tools you use used, before and after use, using the disinfectant spray and tear-off paper available in each room.

– Please pay attention to the signs on the ground and the indication on the signs placed at the entrance of each room on capacity and maximum stay time. If the maximum number of people for that room has already been reached, please wait for someone to go out before entering, always respecting the necessary distances.

– Reservation is required for classes and training programs directly at the front desk or by whatsapp +39 338 3940184 or by calling +39 055 2478444. As always, it is recommended to arrive on time and, in case you cannot respect your reservation, notify us in advance.

– Your personal belongings can be stored in the locker inside your bag or in a plastic bag provided by the gym.

We note that these indications will be reviewed periodically, depending on the progress of the emergency and the legal provisions in this area. With the hope of overcoming this difficult time for all of us, we thank you for your precious cooperation!



environment sanitized – more than 40 windows overlooking our internal garden – maintenance and cleaning of filters for air exchange – access and attendance control – sanitizers for equipment – reorganization classes planning and modification of training teaching – spacing and replacing of the equipment – body temperature measurement before access – hand sanitizing gel available to members – staff training on measures for the health of members and employees – information material available to members – signs and dividing panels to help respect the safety distance – panels for dividing equipment and passageaways – personal lockers available