To allow for a global training approach, there are no limit for attendance or hours and the membership includes the possibility of taking part in all our fitness classes (Total Body Workout, Pilates, Step, Strong, Yoga, Functional Training, Postural, Cardio Kombat, Stretching, G.A.G., Soft Gymnastic, Zumba, Piloga, Cardio Tone Workout – only Spinning class is extra). If you’re not an expert or if you need some tips, our instructors are available for customized training programs (service included with your membership).

Discount Under 24

free initiation fee (30 € value) for                    all membership types

Family Offer

– 10 % if at least 3 family members                     are signed up

Early Renewal Discount

– 5 % if you subscribe 60 days before            expiry date

Did you have a subscription during the lockdown?

If you have not already done it, remember to request your Voucher!
You have time until June 30th – EXTENDED UNTIL 15th AUGUST 2020 –


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Welfare: Edenred, AON, Ticket Welfare, Easy Welfare.


Do you provide membership installment payment plans?
Of course! For a membership from 6 to 12 month you can choose to pay the installment rates with a postal payment slip or credit card.

To participate to the classes, booking is requested?
You can participate to all classes without the necessity of booking. Only for spinning we recommend to make a reservation.

Can I suspend my membership?
The subscription fee includes the option to suspend your membership in predetermined periods, after informing the Fitness Desk. If you would like to have more information you can ask one of our consultants.


Exercise boosts your brainpower

You might be surprised at how popping in a workout tape for 30 minutes in the morning can change your whole day. Not only does exercise improve your body, it helps your mental function increasing energy levels and serotonin.

Movement melts away your stress

Once you actually start working out, you’ll experience less stress in every part of your life. Movement produces a relaxation response that helps elevate your mood, that could improve relationships with your partner, family, co-workers..

Fitness helps ward off disease

Scientific research has shown that exercise can boost immune function and help prevent heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and some aspects of the aging process.

Exercise improve performance

After a few weeks of workout, you may feel yourself differently. Exercising consistently will strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility and balance, improve reaction time and overall performance.