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    In the historical center of the city of Florence, but just a step away from the viali di Circonvallazione, Palestra Ricciardi is open all year round (also in August) and every day of the week.

    You can reach the gym easily by car but also by feet, by bicycle and by motorbike from different spots of the city. We can also propose valid alternatives if you want to use public transport or if you prefer to park your car near to the gym but, if you can, we suggest you come walking, by bike or motorbike.


    6 / 14 / 23 / 31 / 32
    bus stop: via della Colonna “Palestra Ricciardi”  8
    bus stop: piazzale Donatello


    Garage City Florence
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    Piazza Ghiberti Parking
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    Gratta e Sosta
    Viale Matteotti
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    Viali di circonvallazione