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Stefania Scopelliti

I couldn’t have asked for more, fantastic instructors and staff, especially Bel (I take her Pilates class), she does his job with professionalism and passion, my favorite class. Cleanliness and a pleasant environment complete the whole.

Sarina Ghinassi

Excellent gym with classes for all tastes in a friendly environment. Going to train is a pleasure for the body and for the mind.

Daniele Fedi

I spent my youth there with the advice of a great trainer, TULLIO, he’ll always remain in my heart! At lunchtime many years ago, they called it the hour of the shop assistants of the center: Raspini, Romano, Beltrami.. What wonderful memories.. A real and healthy gym

Mike Giorni

There are no timetables associated with the membership. Considerable endowment of tools and equipment. The changing rooms have been updated with new, very functional lockers and the benches replaced with others with better seating.

Paula Ortega Sanchez

The best gym with the best instructors, no doubts !!! I will miss you all !! Many kisses and see you soon

Angelo Affinito

I’ve been going to this gym for over a year, I find it well equipped and with qualified personal trainers… I recommend it!

Amelia Formichelli

In the center the biggest and brightest gym I’ve ever attended … Friendly and helpful staff but above all the best classes in Florence! Thanks Marco, Vieri and Federico 🙂

Bruno Martelli

It is very convenient for me and for my children who live in the center. Don’t be fooled by the entrance, a world will open up inside!